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The Ontario Government is looking for your ideas for a “Made-In-Ontario” climate change plan.

Deadline Friday November 16th.


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Your Ideas for a Made-In-Ontario Climate Change Plan

Ontario has issued a call for ideas on key areas of focus to address climate change. We urge EV owners and enthusiasts to submit comments in support of electric vehicles and to ask the province to develop EV-friendly policies. Your voice matters and will make a...

EV Demographics in Ontario – What’s on the Road Today

A recent detailed analysis by EV Society has revealed that 65 percent of electric vehicles in Ontario are affordable and mid-priced models designed to appeal to the mass market. These are vehicles that cost between $27,650 and $54,699. The June 2018 data shows that...

Camping in Comfort

Electric cars have unique characteristics that make them ideal camping companions. By Tim Burrows Wouldn’t it be great if your next camping trip included a tent with air conditioning and a heater?  With a properly fitted EV, it’s now possible. A company by the name of...

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