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Welcome to EV Society! We are an Ontario non-profit group advocating for electric mobility. Whether you’re new to EVs or you’ve owned one for years, we welcome you with open arms!

About EV Society

EV Society was founded in August 1994, at a time when all electric cars were hand-crafted one-offs. We’ve evolved with the industry and now help to organize education and test-drive events to grow EV adoption!

Why join?

There are a number of reasons to join. Stay updated on EV industry news, receive perks from our corporate partners, help to make a difference, and benefit from networking with industry leaders.

We have meetings across the province

Meetings are held all over Ontario by our chapters. They are typically held once a month and dicsuss everything from EV advocacy to sharing custom EV conversions. (For a chart of chapter meeting dates, go here.) Click here to Get Involved!

Years we've been advocating for EVs

High-power chargers In Ontario

Level 2 chargers In Ontario

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Recent Posts

New Website!

We've been working on a new website for quite some time, and we're proud to announce that it is finally here! Just in time for the 2018 International Auto Show - where the EV Society will be manning the "EVolution Zone" - a section of the autoshow featuring...

Cold Weather Driving

Cold Weather Driving

This Article Is Reprinted Courtesy of Doug_G From the Tesla Motors Club. Thanks Doug! I'm currently driving my Model S through its third Canadian winter. I thought it might be helpful to discuss some of my "lessons learned" about driving the Model S in the cold....

EV Specifications (2017)

EV Specifications (2017)

Below you will find formatted graphs comparing different metrics of various BEV (fully electric) and PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric) vehicles. These graphs are very useful to compare various vehicles. If you'd like to download the full Excel data sheet (with even more...

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EV Society is a non-profit organization passionate about bringing change in the way we drive. EVs are cleaner, quieter, faster, and cheaper than their fossil-fuel-powered counterparts. Become a member to enjoy a number of perks and to engage with our experienced and knowledgeable members.