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EV Specifications (2017)
How much range does a Chevy Bolt have? What does a BMW i3 cost? What cars have DC Fast Charging?

Click Here To Compare All 2017 EV and PHEV vehicles.

How Does Charging Work?
Charging is one of the main items prospective EV owners have questions about. You’ll find that it is actually very simple.

Click HERE for the basics on EV charging.

Do EV's Work In The Winter?
Gasoline cars by their nature produce a lot of waste heat when running. For this reason, they don’t lose a lot of efficiency in the winter compared to an EV.

This is because an electric vehicle produces so little waste heat, that it must use energy from the battery to heat the cabin in the winter.

Click HERE to learn all about how frigid conditions affect a Tesla Model S. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

EV Conversions
​If you are interested in EV conversion information you can access detailed information from our archived historical site.
Electric Motorcycles
The quality and capabilities of electric motorcycles are accelerating at the same pace as their car counterparts. For more information, click here.
Camping with EVs
Electric cars have some unique characteristics that make them ideal camping companions. Here’s one experience.
How many EVs are sold in Canada?
Excellent data on the sales of electric vehicles in Canada has been complied by Matthew Klippenstein for Green Car Reports and can be viewed here:
Measure Your Carbon Footprint

Use the tool at to understand your own emissions and how to help reduce them. Includes Ontario-level data.

NissanConnect Setup Guide

EV Society Kawartha Chapter member, Jake Branch, has written this easy step-by-step setup guide for NissanConnect.

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Camping in Comfort

Electric cars have unique characteristics that make them ideal camping companions. By Tim Burrows Wouldn’t it be great if your next camping trip included a tent with air conditioning and a heater?  With a properly fitted EV, it’s now possible. A company by the name of...

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Electric Vehicles: A Business Perspective

By Tim Burrows Ask anyone who drives an electric vehicle and they will likely tell you they would never go back to gas or diesel. Why you wonder? Setting aside the ‘green’ aspect, driving an EV is simply a superior experience. Perhaps you’ve heard they are quiet,...

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Cold Weather Driving

This Article Is Reprinted Courtesy of Doug_G From the Tesla Motors Club. Thanks Doug! I'm currently driving my Model S through its third Canadian winter. I thought it might be helpful to discuss some of my "lessons learned" about driving the Model S in the cold....

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EV Comparison Table (2017)

Below you will find formatted graphs comparing different metrics of various BEV (fully electric) and PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric) vehicles. These graphs are very useful to compare various vehicles. If you'd like to download the full Excel data sheet (with even more...

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